Minutes of Meeting on 27th July

28th July 2013

Minutes of Merseyside People’s Assembly Meeting

Saturday 27 July 2013 at Jack Jones House

Chair: Andrea W

Minute Taker: Terry C

Introductions were made, around 80 people in attendance.

  1. AW: Liaison with National People’s Assembly continuing. The movement is not a political party, rather a growing political movement of people trying to bring together all people on the left who are against austerity. We are in existence to help fight the cuts on behalf of people from all groups and the ordinary person and feed into the growing national movement.
  2. We attended a lobby of Liverpool City Council on Wednesday 17 July, when a motion was carried condemning the Bedroom Tax and committing to a non eviction policy. However, there is some doubt its effectiveness, as LCC are no longer landlords. Registered Social Landlords are.
    A concern from the floor was raised about the fate of children whose parents are evicted.
  3. Our Assembly event is on 5 September 2013, at the Adelphi Hotel to launch the Merseyside People’s Assembly. Amongst the guest speakers, who have agreed to attend, are: Lawrence Clarke, Collette Williams, Mark Steel, Owen Jones.
  4. AW asked the floor to suggest ways to recruit more members to the assembly and for promoting this event, 500 places are available. People wishing to go need to register as soon as possible as places are going fast. The following ideas were mooted:
    • Demos at Evictions
    • Obtain Councillor’s support
    • Obtain MP’s support
    • Contact Shelter
    • Registered Social Landlord Unions, ask workers to boycott eviction procedures. Mike K from PCS pointed out this could be deemed as gross misconduct, resulting in staff dismissals
    • Appoint an Information/Internet Officer
    • Fight zero hours contracts / Recruitment of staff on zero hours contracts
    • Martin C supported direct action. The PCS has taken a lot of action up to now and will continue to do so
    • Confront MP’s, councillors by seeing them face to face at surgeries etc.
    • Email all our contacts asking them to join MPA
    • Volunteer list to be created. Names to be given to Terry C at end of meeting
    • Mike K offered his admin services and is willing to assist in making press statements, producing leaflets etc.
  5. Several members from the floor called for the election of a committee and officers. The following were elected after agreement.
    Chair: Andrea W
    Gary K
    Treasurer: Terry C
    Committee members: May M (Merseyside Pensioner’s Association Delegate), Janet D
    Members of Unions to go back to their Union for nominations for non executive committee members.
  6. Tory Party, Demo on 29 September, ask Unions to fund coaches to event and fundraise ourselves.Leaflets need to be distributed outside supermarkets, jobcentres etc. Stall in Church Street, Liverpool every Saturday.Create postcards? Ask postmen to deliver as a show of solidarity with us against the cuts.May M offered to help, as did Margaret P, both from Merseyside Pensions’ Association. May is to check out Unite for free transport.Martin K (PCS) offered to assist in production of publicity material and/or press releases.

    Ben W is building a website for us free of charge. He is a website designer and developer.

  7. Upcoming events: 11am August 15th, Pilgrimage to ATOS Miracle Healing Centre, Mann Island, Pier Head, Liverpool24th August 7pm. Mass sleep out to demonstrate the future number of homeless sleeping rough if Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts continue.The meeting finished at 12.45pm and we then marched to the Enuf is Enuf Demonstration and took part in a sit down protest to block the road into Liverpool City Centre.
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