Unite CASA 567 Community Branch

2nd September 2013

Written by Steve Higginson – Branch Secretary

We are delighted to be part of this new initiative, in terms of creating a new political space whereby a new movement can be developed in opposition to this coalition government and their policies of mass destruction.

Unite Community Membership is like the People’s Assembly a new initiative. The intention being to reach out to areas of the population previously untouched by trade union activity. Being part of Unite is not just about having a voice in the workplace, it is about being part of a movement to create a better society.

Community Branch Membership is open to members of the community who are not working, for example, students, unemployed, volunteers, carers, women/men who run community support groups, plus those who find themselves in what is now called “precarious employment”.

We look forward to playing a role within this new movement. But it has to be a movement that moves. We have to remember that millions of people are outside of the labour movement, we have to remember that age old family, community and industrial links to trade unionism have been substantially severed since the 1980s.

To reach the young we need a newer language to engage with them. We now live in a society were the “social” has been replaced by the individual. Young kids today lead very individualistic lives, and the challenge for any new movement is to re-engage them with a social and collective ethos. This ethos rejects a society that says “You must take from the needy and give to the greedy”. This ethos also says that “We are all our sister’s and brother’s keeper”. And as Dr Martin Luther King Jnr reminded us “The road to social justice begins with one step”. So the Unite CASA 567 Community Branch hopes that the People’s Assembly will begin that step.

actions speak louder than words