Join us: #ourNHS National Demo – 4th of March

23rd February 2017


Join us: #ourNHS National Demo – 4th of March

Many of you will have been hearing about the devastating financial cuts the tories are making to the NHS. They are constantly talking about how they are “giving more money to the NHS” when the reality is they are giving less and expecting more work from NHS staff. They are restricting funding to places where it is vitally needed to keep people healthy. They are hoping that this will result in some nasty accidents and possibly deaths, at which point they will say “we told you so” and will call the NHS a ‘failed project’ and move to sell off the whole of the NHS to private sector bidders, who will always put profit before the needs of people’s health. These hawkish private sector bidders will have been big donors to the tory party at the last election and they are waiting for a return on their money….

What will a society look like without the NHS? Well it will be a system similar to that of the U.S.A. where people need private health insurance that covers you for some ailments and not others depending on your ‘tariff’ or how much you pay. Your health insurance will also cost more if you have long term health complaints or disabilities, putting already vulnerable people in our society in an even more financially vulnerable position. The reality is that most working or unemployed people wont be able to afford health insurance as an extra cost, and even if they can, is it right that you should pay a financial penalty for being ill? (Something that is outside of your control). The government has a duty to make sure that all of it citizens are in as good health as they can be, and this duty is currently not being met.

#ourNHS will be the campaign of a generation. If the NHS is wilfully destroyed by the tories on our watch, then future generations will never forgive us. We have a duty to the people who created the NHS (in a time of post war, where there was even less money than now!) and also to the lifeblood of the NHS, all the doctors, nurses and other staff who have helped to keep it alive against all outside interference by successive governments.

The media always try and black out big marches by giving them no coverage, but if we make this march big enough they will be forced to take notice and report to the nation that it is a massive majority of us who need the NHS, for the health of ourselves and our families, friend and communities in the future. If we all turn up, it will send shockwaves that even the tories will not be able to ignore.

What can you do?
1) Join us on the march. Coaches have been organised by Keep Our NHS Public and UNISON. Tickets can be purchased from News From Nowhere bookshop for £10 wages or £5 unwaged. If you are a UNISON or Unite member, contact your local office or branch for details of pre-paid travel.
2) Let people know about the march and how important it is. Details and flyers can be found here. Get as many people as you can to come along as possible.
3) For people who cannot afford to come, send us an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to secure a free place on transport for you.
4) If it is not possible for you to attend, then please consider making a donation to us on the link below. Also you could promote the demo among your circles and also on social media before and during the demo.

Let us together show the tories that WE WILL NOT let them dismantle a national treasure, #ourNHS !!!!!


**If you cannot attend the march then donate now to secure a place for someone else who cannot attend.**

James Harrison, Secretary
On behalf of the Merseyside People’s Assembly steering committee

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