Can I appeal against the Bedroom Tax?

16th September 2013

Yes, you can appeal against a Housing Benefit decision for up to 13 months after the decision was made. If you appeal within one month of the date of the notice, this is classed as an ‘in time’ appeal.

If you apply after one month, this is classed as an ‘out of time’ appeal which can still be granted but you will have to give good reason why your appeal is late. Given the amount of misinformation given out by councils e.g. ‘you have no right of appeal’, ‘it’s between you and the housing association’, ‘you will have to pay to appeal’ etc., it’s perfectly reasonable to argue you were given incorrect information on your rights to appeal by your council.

Alternatively, if you report a change in circumstances e.g. your working hours have changed or, if unemployed, you have done one day’s work, you will receive a new Benefit Decision and will be able to lodge an ‘in time’ appeal.

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